How to use WP Pointer ToolTip in WordPress 3.3

With WordPress 3.3 the new ToolTip called “WP Pointer” comes to point new features of WordPress. I was thinking, this tooltip will be nice to implement with my plugins to direct users step by step pointing and explaining each features. So I started looking for the api to implement it. Actually I got nothing to help me out there, So I back to wp-admin again and started digging inside and WOW, I got the way to implement it.You just need to follow the steps here:

Include css file for wp-pointer :


Include javascript files for wp-pointer :


Finally add js code to show wp pointer:

function  add_js_code(){

jQuery(document).ready( function($) {
var options = {“content”:”<h3>Title<\/h3><p>Contents<\/p>”,”position”:{“edge”:”left”,”align”:”center”}};
if ( ! options )
options = $.extend( options, {
close: function() {
//to do
$(‘#id’).pointer( options ).pointer(“open”);





That’s all. Let try now…

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