Feature Table
Feature Table

WordPress Feature Table Plugin is the exceptional kind of pricing or feature table builder for WordPress where you will have sign- in and registration form of integrated WordPress, based on Ajax  . After choosing a package  the visitor can log- in or register. when log-in or registration is successfully completed the  visitor will be redirected to the assigned URL for the selected package.

WordPress Feature Table Plugin Features:

  • Sleek slider front end and admin
  • 4 different themes
  • Unlimited columns
  • Drag and Drop Column (Package) sorting
  • Drag and Drop Row (Feature) sorting
  • Edit Option for feature and packages
  • Option to make a column features or best valued column
  • Product-oriented Workflow
  • Easy to set up and use
  • Good documentation
  • Easy to integrate with other plugins
  • Ad tables with short-codes.
  • Tinymce button to place shortcode easily in page/post content
  • Template selection from short-code
  • Same table with multiple templates
  • Loading different template randomly and automatically for a table
  • CSS3 and HTML5 based template
  • Compatible with all browsers
  • and many more options…