HotelEngine Comfy
HotelEngine Comfy

Front-end features

1. Style customizer
Change the style & appearance right in your homepage
– Color variations (schemes)
– Adaptive Colors
– Layouts, Font sizes

2. Frontend controls
Publish and edit content without leaving your homepage

3. Mobile version
From large screens to mobile devices – your site will always appear beautifully.

4. Simple, modern design
HotelEngine is built with simplicity and improved user interactions to keep your site up with smart innovations in design.

5. Front Page Slider
A front page slider is a powerful tool to make that first and really impressive impression to your guests.

6. 8 Color Variations
HotelEngine comes with 8 different color schemes that you can choose from to match your business branding best.

7. Built-in booking form
Provide booking widgets for your guests to start their booking quickly right on the front page.

Backend power

1. Engine Settings:
The dashboard you desires. Bloat-free. Simple & straight to the point.
General: Easily manage all the general information of your site in your admin panel including website’s title, description, social links… and much more
Branding: Emphasize your trademark with your own logo. Don’t forget to upload a logo for the mobile version as well.

2. Sidebars:
Multiple widgets are ready for your Drag and drop sidebar widgets to extend the customizability of the theme
Simply drag and drop the widgets to the suitable sidebars to enhance your site’s performance and appearance.

3. Translation Support:
Localize your site for any region
– A built-in translator is included for translating text right in your dashboard
With built-in translator supported, you can quickly translate and change texts without any hassle.
– WPML-compatible: make your site truly multilingual
Using WPML plugin to use more than one language on your site. Let it reach out to more users.

4. SEO Optimized.
Best practices with SEO standards applied.
– Schema Markup support for SEO: Tell search engines what your data means, not just what it says using Schema markup.
– Compatible with SEO Plugins like Yoast WordPress SEO: Boost up your SEO with other third-party plugins. Get more traffic and expand your pocket.

5. Installation & Update
– Setup wizard: Install your site in just 5 minutes, activate the setup wizard and let it guide you steps by steps.
– Enter license key to update right from your dashboard: Insert your license key to the update section and you’ll get a notification whenever there’s a new update.



HE – Comfy v2.2 Changes:Better email templates Comfortably update room info or add more room types on your site Proper currency display. $1000 or 1000$. Both run well. Send message in Contact form