One Click Order Plugin for WooCommerce
One Click Order Plugin for WooCommerce

One Click Order is a simple plugin that adds an additional button below the main “add to cart” button on Woocommerce product page. This button allows your potential buyers to order any product directly from the product page by pressing the “order in one click” button that appears after activating the plugin.

Please note that if a guest checkout is allowed in Woocommerce settings “one click order” button will be displayed on a product page. If a guest checkout checkbox is not selected in Woocommerce settings the plugin’s button will not be displayed on a product page.

When a customer presses “one click order” button an order form displays in modal window and it has such a fields: name, email and phone number.

By default all these fields are active and required, but you can change it in plugin settings. In this version of plugin you can assign whether a certain field is active or required and you also can change the order in which fields are displayed.

After submitting the form sends all data to Woocommerce shop administrator that a customer have provided and also a name of ordered product and a link to this order. So after that you can contact your customer to find out all the details of his order.

If you want to change the default look of plugin’s button you can do it by applying your own CSS styles that you can see in admin area in plugin settings page. And certainly you can change a text on plugin’s button right in plugin settings.
Please, check the demo:
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