Quick Notice Bar Pro
Quick Notice Bar Pro

WordPress Quick Notice Bar Pro plugin will help the admin to publish highlighted notice on the  header or footer of  WordPress site. Any message like offline notice, update notice, tweets, special offers, latest post can be set to draw attention of the visitors at first sight.

Quick Notice Bar Features:

  • Included tweets button
  • Facebook like button
  • Facebook fan page & tweeter profile url setup
  • Auto post to Facebook, twitter and delicious
  • Custom embed code support – you can use this option to place some link ads like Google adsense
  • Custom Webfont support
  • Custom background css option
  • Fully customizable appearance and font
  • Post specific notice
  • Multiple template per notice
  • Scheduling and Expiration setup for notice
  • Show/Hide option
  • Very simple administration
  • Click and Impression Tracking option coming soon

How it will appear:

After you have  set  and activated a notice. You will fine  a sticky top bar in you site (front-end) where your notice will appear. Check and example on top of the  site (wpeden.com)

Free Version!
Download free version version at wp.org




  • Fixed compatibility issue with wp 3.8
  • Fixed minor CSS issue
  • Added Stats for Click and Impression (Using graph)
  • fixed compatibility issue with wp 3.4
  • fixed save settings issue in admin
  • auto post to delicious
  • post specific notice
  • multiple template assignment per notice
  • Included tweets buttom
  • facebook like buttom
  • facebook fan page & tweeter profile url setup
  • Custom embed code support - you can use this option to place some link ads like google adsense
  • adjusted css issue
  • added more new and stylish fonts
  • body margin adjustd
  • added show/hide option
  • adjusted a minor css bug
  • initial release