Social Profiles and Contact Details
Social Profiles and Contact Details

This plugin creates an easy way to display social profiles and contact details on your website without the need for any code.

It displays the information in tabs or an accordion, so only one section is open at a time, which ensures your website does not become cluttered visually. The details can be displayed in widget or as a shortcode in the main body of your website.

The plugin includes a plugin admin page where it is possible to customise everything from the social profiles to the visual styling of the plugin.

Plugin features

  • Widget content displays in a jQuery accordion or jQuery tabs.
  • Display the content using a widget or a shortcode.
  • Display main telephone number along with fax and 3 personal telephone numbers.
  • Display main email address along with 3 personal email address.
  • Display up to two addresses.
  • Display one button submit contact forms.
  • Display a Google maps of a location.
  • Display opening times of company/business.
  • Display the following social channels: Twitter, Facebook, Google+, LinkedI, YouTube, Pinterest, Flickr.
  • Customise the Twitter widget for different colour schemes and to show replies.
  • Customise the Facebook widget for different colour schemes, show news stream and show fans faces.
  • Button to automatically generate shortcode.
  • Decide which sections can appear each time the widget is displayed.
  • Change the colour of the accordion, grey, blue, red, green and black.
  • Two different icons sets: colour and grey.
  • Ability to change the size of the icons.
  • Select accordion section to open on page load.
  • Ability to make the accordion all collapsible and load with all section closed.
  • Choose which accordion and tabs section to display on page load.
  • Vertical tabs as well as horizontal.
  • Ability to manually load jQuery to increase compatibility.
  • Troubleshooting section to ensure any problems are resolved quickly.
  • Support requests answered in less and 24 hours on average.


Where do I get all the code from the social media websites?
You do not need to! The code is automatically created, all you need is the name of you profile on each social media channel.

=What is the width option on the widget?
The width option sets the width, if possible, of the embedded social media channel information so that it appears at the correct width for you website. This is optional and can be set to the width of the widget in the sidebar.

Can social media channels be hidden?
Yes, just do not enter any information for that social media channel and that section will not show up.


= 1.2 = * New material styling * WhatsApp functionality * Content for fixed now aligns to icons = 1.1 = * Instagram functionality * Show sections bug fix = 1.0 = * initial version