WeReview – WordPress Review Theme
WeReview - WordPress Review Theme

WeReview – WordPress Review Theme is packed with all those features and you will even need to build an affiliated review-site. This theme will simply convert your site into a money making machine just with a few clicks.


More WordPress Review Theme Features:

  • Full detailed option of  Typography  to change fonts and colors of  text
  • Changeable Background where you can use color, color + texture or your own image
  • Customizable Header
  • Ad space management
  • Total hit count
  • Top rated reviews- widget
  • Social sharing widget
  • Rating option with comments
  • Short-code for creating tab
  • Short-code for creating call-to-action buttons
  • Short-code for highlighted box
  • Short-code for collapsible box
  • Short-code for accordion
  • And many more….




  • Required Plugin: WeReview plugin must have to be installed to work WeReview theme properly. Please download and install wereview plugin from WordPress.org. Or simply search "wereview" from your WordPress site admin >> Plugins >> Add New menu as following image:Screenshot_011814_060714_PM
  • Homepage Slider:Create a review category from wp-admin >> Reviews >> Categories, like following image:Screenshot_011814_061057_PM Then add some reviews under this category and finally select the category from theme option as following image:Screenshot_011814_061335_PMThe Featured image with review post will be used as slider image. Proper image size for slider is 920x400 px.
  • Tabs: Use following short-code to embed tabs inside the page/ content of post

    [minimax-tabs names="Tab-1|Tab-2|Tab-3" devider="######" ] Tab-1 Content###### Tab-2 Content###### Tab-3 Content [/minimax-tabs]


    [minimax-tabs names="Tab-1|Tab-2|Tab-3" data_source="customfields" /]


    names: tab names separated by vertical bar ( | ) divider: use any char set here you want to use a content divider for tab content, each tab content should be separated by the divider ( for example: ###### ) data_source: in case you want to use custom field as data source, custom field name = tab name and custom field value = tab content
  • Accordion: Use following short-code to embed tabs inside page/post content

    [minimax-accordion names="Accordion-1|Accordion-2|Accordion-3" devider="###" ] Accordion-1 Content### Accordion-2 Content### Accordion-3 Content [/minimax-accordion]


    [minimax-accordion names="Accordion-1|Accordion-2|Accordion-3" data_source="customfields" /]


    Same as tabs
  • Alert: Short-code for alert:

    [minimax-alert type="success"]Message here...[/minimax-alert]


    type: success or error or info
  • Button: Short-code for button:

    [minimax-button size="large" link="http://button-url.com" type="success" label="Lets move out" /]


    size: large or small or mini type: success or danger or warning or none link: button url label: button text label
  • Text Highligh: Short-code for alert:

    [minimax-highlight type="success"]text to highlight[/minimax-highlight]


    type: success or warning or info or important or inverse or none
  • Sample Data: Download, unzip and Import it from wp-admin >> Tools Menu >> Import