Ad Manager
Ad Manager

WordPress Ad Manager plugin comes with all features you need to manage and sell space for Ad in your site directly from your site. No need to use 3rd party ad- system anymore. You can create new spaces for  Ad  in your site and receive payment from advertiser directly.


Control Ad Space on Your Site

You Can Control Ad Space on Your Site. No need use 3rd party. You can create new space for Ad with various dimensions and can set any number of ad to any position.

Multilevel Pricing System

By using WordPress Ad Manager Plugin you can set 3 diff levels of pricing for different period and the user will be able to choose any one such as for 30 days you can set $150 and for 60 days you can ask for $250 and so on.

Integrated Payment System

You can receive payment directly from advertiser by using integrated payment system of PayPal. So you do not need to give commission to any 3rd party for selling Ads when you use WordPress Ad Manager Plugin.

Front-end ad manager

Advertiser will be able to purchase, manage and renew their ads from front-end, no need to have access to wp-admin.


  1. Upload and activate ad manager plugin from your WordPress site admin
  2. Now you will see the  menu of ad manager just as the following image shows: Ad Manager Menu
  3. Now click on “Ad Positions” menu and from that window you have to create ad positions for your site. when “Add Position” button is clicked  an empty row will appear. Ad positionsName: name of your ad position, value type “text” Width: width of each ad block Height: height of each ad block Package1/Package2/Package3: create 3 package as you with (see sample value in image above) Ad Manager Page: Select the page where your place the short-code [wpam_ad_sale_form] for displaying ad-manager interface at front-end. the short-code [wpam_ad_sale_form] will display ad manager at front-end to purchase and manage ad by users.
  4. After creating some ad positions, now click on the button “Save Settings” to save all ad positions.
  5. you are mostly done. now go to “Widgets” menu from “Admin Menu >> Appearance >> Widgets” Ad Widget Drag and drop ad widget to sidebar, select ad positions and enter number of units you want to show there. Save!
  6. Here is the front-end preview : Ad Manager - Ads
  7. Click on empty units with “Buy this space” text will bring the use to the following form: Ad Manager - front-end create ad form
  8. After filling above form where user will click on Submit button, they will be redirected to PayPal.
  9. When payment completed ad will be showing in the selected position automatically if you select auto publish option from admin settings, otherwise it will be waiting for your approval.


v2.0.0 - released on February 24, 2015

  • Latest WP compatibility checked
  • Fixed some css issues
  • Fixed date issue when updating from front end