WordPress Eden is open for all developers and designer to submit their work for sale. If you are one of them, here are the details about submission:

  • Copyright and License:
    You must sale your own code (written by you from ground) or you must fully authorized to copy or distribute it. If you use some resources like any graphics (designed by someone else), code part (written by someone else) you must have to have prior written permission from author to use that in commercial purpose. Authors (designer/developer of themes and plugins) are fully responsible for copyright violation and author account will be banned immediately for any copyright violation. You are free to create your own terms of use for you product. Like, you can create your custom variations for your product and add pricing for each variation.
  • Coding Style:
    Code must be clean and must not obfuscated . In order to better user experience and verification we need to have a quick look on code. We shall not be able to verify and approve your theme of plugin if any of the files there is obfuscated .
  • You must add at least one image (main image)
  • You must add clear documentation and installation instruction with your theme or plugin
  • You can set price for your plugins or theme, But we may not be able to list your plugin or theme if price is irrelevant ( In that case we’ll suggest you a price if you theme or plugin match other criteria to publish and if you agree with that price, we will publish your theme or plugins)

How to submit?

  • Register here
  • Go to “Add Product” tab
  • Fill the form properly and Submit
  • Your submission will be pending.
  • After we review within a short time you’ll be notified via email if your submission is approved or not.
  • If you have farther query mail us at contact@wpeden.com

How you will be paid?

  • We will cut a percent of you sale to coverup our cost. For plugins it’ll be from 15% to 20%. From 1st 50 sales we’ll keep 15% and for the next sales we’ll keep 20% only.
  • We will cut 50% of all non-exclusive theme or plugin
  • You can get paid through paypal or moneybookers.
  • You can submit withdraw request anytime for any amount and money will be deposited in your account within 24 hours.

That’s all and working is a fun as long as we stay fair ;).