So, You or your client selling something  which has diff package packed with different version. Yes, you certainly need a pricing table and if you are already using wordpress then here is the good news for you, Your WordPress Pricing Table designing problem is solved. Here now I shall explain a solution to solve your WordPress Pricing Table issues just in few click without changing even a single line of code, which will save your time at least a few hours. The steps are:

  1. Download and Install WordPress Pricing Table Plugin from
  2. Activate Pricing Table Plugin
  3. Now the “Pricing Table” menu will be visible in wp admin menu like the following image:
  4. Now just click on “add new” and you will see the form:
    Add new pricing table - wordpress pricing table plugin
    Now You first add a title for pricing table, then click on add package button. You’ll see a popup like the following image:
    Add new Package - WordPress Pricing Table PluginEnter a package title and click ok and follow the same way for package. After you add some packages and features it’ll look something like following image:
    Add new Pricing Table - WordPress Pricing Table Plugin
  5. Set feature values for each package yes, no, limited, not applicable or whatever it is
  6. Click on publish button and you just finished creating a pricing table.
  7. Now use the shortcode [ahm-pricing-table id=table_id_you_just_create template=template_name] inside page or post content to show your pricing table and it will look like this:
    WordPress Pricing Table Preview

Now you can get this plugin from

Also a similar plugin with 9 different theme available here.

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