WeReview - WordPress Review Theme v1.3.1 released

WeReview – WordPress Review Theme v1.3.1 has been released. This version comes with full detailed help tab and new ribbon styles. Additionally fixed some minor css styling issues. Again here is the detailed usage of WeReview theme:

  • Tabs: Use following short-code to embed tabs inside page/post content

    [minimax-tabs names=”Tab-1|Tab-2|Tab-3″ devider=”######” ]
    Tab-1 Content######
    Tab-2 Content######
    Tab-3 Content


    [minimax-tabs names=”Tab-1|Tab-2|Tab-3″ data_source=”customfields” /]


    names: tab names separated by vertical bar ( | )
    devider: use any char set here you want to use a content devider for tab content, each tab content should be separated by the devider ( for example: ###### )
    data_source: in case you want to use custom field as data source, custom field name = tab name and custom field value = tab content
  • Accordion: Use following short-code to embed tabs inside page/post content

    [minimax-accordion names=”Accordion-1|Accordion-2|Accordion-3″ devider=”###” ]
    Accordion-1 Content###
    Accordion-2 Content###
    Accordion-3 Content


    [minimax-accordion names=”Accordion-1|Accordion-2|Accordion-3″ data_source=”customfields” /]


    Same as tabs
  • Alert:Short-code for alert:

    [minimax-alert type=”success”]Message here…[/minimax-alert]


    type: success or error or info
  • Button:Short-code for button:

    [minimax-button size=”large” link=”http://button-url.com” type=”success” label=”Lets move out” /]


    size: large or small or mini
    type: success or danger or warning or none
    link: button url
    label: button text label
  • Text Highligh:Short-code for alert:

    [minimax-highlight type=”success”]text to highlight[/minimax-highlight]


    type: success or warning or info or important or inverse or none


We strongly recommend you to update your copy if you already using WeReview – WordPress Review Theme. As usually, download the theme again from  order section under members area to get latest version. If you are looking for a Review Theme you can check WeReview – WordPress Review Theme.

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