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Frontend Post and Media Manager

WordPress Frontend Post and Media Manager Plugin will enable your visitor to create posts, manage and upload media files from WordPress front-end without going to WordPress- admin.  WordPress Front-end Post and Media Manager Plugin also contains the option of full featured admin to control the posts and media of the user and thus to enable or disable the users.

FAQ's & Usages

  • Get started with Front-end Post and Media Manager Plugin: Install and activate the plugin. Then add the shortcode [wp_user_post] inside page or post content where you want to show the GUI for the plugin.
  • It's also possible to use these shortcodes to create a post or page to individually show each item.
    Shortcodes[pbu_add_new_post] [pbu_add_new_media] [pbu_edit_profile] [pbu_edit_media][pbu_post_list] [pbu_media_list]
  • To show posts from a custom post type [wp_user_post post_type='custom_post']  . Here replace  custom_post with your custom post type name. If post type is not given, default type is post
  • Showing Custom Fields Valued within page or post content: Use short-code like [user_custom_field name="custom-field-name"] inside post content to embed any custom field value with that post
  • Admin Options: 
    1. Admin Menu: WP Dashboard >> Settings >> Front-end Post & Media Manager Settings
    2. Allow Access: Use the option to allow all members under selected/checked user roles to post and upload media from front-end. All members under allowed/checked user role(s) will see the UI and all members under unchecked/blocked user roles will not be able to access the UI, but they will see the blocked message as you wrote in section (6). if you check Guest, then all visitors will able to use front-end UI without signup and sign-in.
    3. Allowed file types: Use the section to allow certain file types to upload using media manager. You can add multiple file extensions separated by commas. for example, php, jpg, png, mpg, zip
    4. Screen Option: Use the section to show or hide excerpt and tag box at front-end. For example, if you check "Tags" option, it will make the tags meta box visible at front-end and user will able to add tags to their posts.
    5. Initial front-end post status: Use the option to set initial status for the post created by members from using front-end UI. If you select the option "Draft" it will save all user post as a draft and will require admin approval before publishing. Selecting "Publish" option will publish all posts from front-end immediately.
    6. Message For Blocked User: Use the section to write a message for blocked users.
    7. Post Approved Notification: Check the first checkbox to activate notification after publish/approve a pending post, and add the subject and message for email.
    8. UI Modification: Option to change frontend menu item text and background color.



  • New: Added additional shortcode for each page
  • Upgrade: Improved Admin UI
  • Upgrade: Improved Frontend UI
  • Fix: Fixed a CSS issue at frontend

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