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The Next

The Next is not just Yet Another WordPress Theme. No matter what type of site you need to build, this is the next and last WordPress Theme you will ever need.


No matter what type of site you need to build, everything is packed with this. Many pre-designed layouts, ui modules and many more.

Before you start reading about the tons of features bellow, here are some words :). I know, you may see some other themes around here and there with  similar features, but what makes "The Next" different is, we used modular design pattern so that you can keep disabled all features you may not need in your site to make the site clean and faster. Another point is, others may tell you "Last WordPress Theme You Will Ever Need", but you only will be able to use that in single site because of their license & terms of use. But "The Next" is truly the last theme you will ever need to purchase because, for a single price you are getting lifetime support & you can use it for all of you sites.

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