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WooCommerce PDF Invoice

This WooCommerce plugin automatically generates invoice PDFs, attaches PDF with order confirmation email and lets owner and customers download these PDFs from the order table.

Main features 

  • Completely automatic PDF invoice generation and attachment
  • Allows attaching PDF invoice to order emails
  • Per order manual PDF invoice generation
  • Customizable PDF contents
  • Beautifully designed order items tables allowing to show product add-ons information
  • Customers can download PDFs from My Account page
  • Show order date, status in invoices
  • Custom seller's message at the bottom of the PDF
  • Choose order types you want to attach a PDF to
  • Change between beautiful templates
  • Let customers decide whether they want a PDF attached to their emails or not
  • Change fonts to your liking
  • Show/Hide store address in invoices
  • Add a store logo on top of the invoice and resize to fit
  • Bulk download PDF invoices
  • Clear cache anytime to free up memories



  • Initial release - v.1.0.0 - September 16, 2017


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