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There are cases when your customer wants to personalize the products and this customization varies from user to user. For example, ordering a t-shirt with a custom print on it with a specified color. WooCommerce Product Add-Ons helps you to handle this kind of personalized orders.

This WooCommerce plugin allows your customers to customize your products by adding various options. Product Add-Ons supports textareas, checkboxes, radios, multi-select, custom price inputs, custom color and file upload.

Add-ons can be added global, product specific or category specific, from the Product Add-ons page  – they can be named described, reordered and optionally given prices. There you can optionally assign products or categories. Prices are automatically added to the cart if chosen by the customer. Once set up, they appear on products just above the Add to Cart button. Additional information provided by the customer is displayed on the orders page.

Features at a glance:

  • Adds various features to the default product
  • Supports textareas, checkboxes, radios, multi-select, custom price inputs, custom color and file upload as product options, much more to be added in coming updates.
  • Add-ons can be assigned to a specific product or can be set as global which will be applicable to all products or can be assigned to specific product categories in which case add-on will be applied to all the products of that category.
  • Options chosen by customers and information provided by them is displayed in the respective order, in wp-admin.
  • Can assign any number of add-ons on a product.


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